Friday, August 28, 2015

Learn Korean with LooKorea #5

Learn Korean with LooKorea #5

This is mobile movie ticket that I watched 미션 임파서블-로그네이션(mission impossible- rougue nation)today.

You can see word "예매" in that ticket.

예매하다(V)=book(reserve) ticket
예매(N)=reservation,book,reserve,make areservation,buy[purchase] inadvance

Ex)I reserved train tickets.
열차표를 예매했다.
Have you reserved a seat on the train?
상세열차표를 예매하셨어요? 
I'd like to book two tickets to Busan. 
부산행 표 두 장을 예매하고 싶습니다
Tickets will be reserved on a first come, firstserved basis. 
티켓은 선착순으로 예매된다

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